Collaborative Crisis Services Unit

The Collaborative Crisis Services Unit (CCSU) is responsible for conducting follow-up visits for individuals who could benefit from mental or behavioral health services. CCSU utilizes community resources, including the Elgin Police Department’s own Social Services Unit, to connect individuals with appropriate services. This, in turn, may also reduce patrol calls for service. CCSU has three primary areas of focus: mental and behavioral health, substance use disorder services, and homelessness issues.

The primary model used by CCSU is a co-response model, which pairs a police officer with a mental health professional. CCSU currently has two officers and three mental health professionals. 

  1. Scott Williams

    Phone: 224-806-3658

  1. Shelley Mendiola

    Phone: 224-806-3266

  1. June Wooten

    Social Worker
    Phone: 224-407-7873

  1. Jasmine Cleveland

    Social Worker
    Phone: 224-407-6159

  1. Brittany Weinreis

    Social Worker